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The bottom painter got the backs of the fins, and the hard to reach areas on the boat painted today, so I was able to get the fins back on the boat. I used the same rigging set up I used to get them off with the dingy crane, and they went on very easily. First I cleaned up the pins, and inside of the fins as best I could with Acetone. The explicit instructions were to put them together dry, but I just couldn't help myself and put a small strip on Tefgel at the top of the pin to try and seal any salt water from creeping in. You can see it in the first picture. Hopefully this will not cause a disaster. The bolts and washers that hold the fin onto the fin had some minor rust on them so I cleaned them up yesterday, and gave them a coat of cold galv. Once I got the fins back on the pins, and the bolts in loosely, I used a jack stand, which was about 12" too short, and a scrap of wood to extend it, to jack the fin up horizontal to match the marks I made for alignment. Once it was where I wanted it, I snugged down the bolts and they are on. The last step I haven't done yet is to torque them to 400 ft lb. I needed a 10" long 3/4" extension. I ordered one on Amazon and it was waiting for me when I got home this evening, so I will torque them tomorrow, install the compression plugs, and it will be done.
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