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We store our boat there for the winter, going to take a ride down and see how things looks tonight.

It was Eric who was hurt. He is a great guy, pulling for him.

He is Carl's son.

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Oh man, thanks very much for posting that. When we first bought our boat we motored it from Newport, RI to Coeymans on the Hudson. They handled the repairs, upgrades, dismantling and loading on the 18-wheeler. They did a fantastic job and they sent us progress pictures a few times a day, including one of our boat in that boat shop in the slings. I think the lead service guy at the time was named Eric. As I recall Hedi and Carl sold the marina a year or two after our trip in 2015. We had an amusing time with Hedi and Carl because my wife and I are Heidi and Karl. Sad to hear, hope the worker and the marina recovers. Fond memories, they were great.

Here's another news story with video:
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