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Once I had the fins popped off the tapered shafts, I had to get them off, and down to the ground. I used some rigging chokers around the fins, and attached to my Steelhead dingy crane. It worked pretty sweet, I was able to take it up tight, remove the bolt at the end of the tapered shaft, then slowly lower the fin off the shaft and down to the ground. The crane has a remote control, so I could control it as I was holding and controlling the fin. The fins are big heavy beasts. I think if you didn't have a crane or something to rig a chain fall to, it would be best to have three people for this operation. Two to hold the fin, while the third guy takes out the bolt, then lower it to the ground.

One other important step I did, but forgot to mention in the previous post was to mark where the ends of the fin fall on the hull when they are centered with the pins in the actuators before popping them loose from the shafts. Since they are unkeyed they need to go back in the same place, but you need marks to make it easy.
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