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Originally Posted by JWellington View Post
Lately I've been reading up a bit on regs and trends in trash handling. Heard many mentions about cutting the bottoms out of wine bottles, for example , before tossing them overboard. But none mentioned any benefit for the hassle. Bottles sink anyway. In my day everybody just threw everything overboard, including black water tanks, as long as one was 3 or 12 miles out. Whats with this bottle thing?
Don't know where you're reading, but I'd suggest changing libraries. Just because one can, doesn't mean one should. As to wine bottles, we don't empty any at sea as none consumed when underway. However, we don't throw anything overboard that isn't biodegradable and we macerate and treat even that. We do have a compactor for can's, paper, etc. We generally don't use glass on board. I realize that if one is in 2000' of water, it probably doesn't matter, but I just see no reason to do so.
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