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Tom, that station is probably one of the local stations which are monitored and aggregated into the Sirius metar data and broadcast via satellite. Itís data also is collected by the furuno nav center server in case you donít have the Sirius weather module.

Both can be displayed on the navnet but they are different. The nav center data requires you to first select an area and then choose the parameters to download. You can only display four parameters of the selected weather values via overlay at one time. The other eleven can be viewed in a pop up box at the point of touch if they were downloaded.

Where Sirius shines in its ability to broadcast instant data and alerts. In my region lightning strikes, fast moving line squalls, and hurricane data in real time are most helpful.

Iridium and an app like a grib viewer are too slow to be of much use unless you are traveling on a multi day trip say across an ocean. With the furuno nav net you can choose to display the Sirius weather data or the typical internet data. As of yet there is no one perfect solution but for 2 bucks a day including all the news music sports and comedy, Iím a pretty satisfied customer.
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