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Originally Posted by ranger42c View Post
I keep hoping to convince Steve Bedford to send a SuperMAX out for Steve Goodwin's testing... but there are a few other SuperMAX tests out there in the web-i-verse, and realistically I don't think Steve Goodwin has somewhere available to him for testing with the kind of soup/ooze/slime we have here.

As I understand it, or at least according to the MAX website, Andy Peabody -- SuperMAX inventor -- was originally experimenting someplace in Louisiana... so presumably that means they have some slime/ooze/soup around there somewhere too.

I had also hoped to influence Fortress to include a SuperMAX during their Chesapeake Bay tests... even offered to lend them ours... but Brian told me at the time that they thought the SuperMAX probably wasn't commercially viable, might not last much longer... since Andy was at the time either ill or looking for a retirement plan or some such. (I'm unclear about all that, though.)

We'll see how it goes. If the MAX-20 will hang on our pulpit, problem solved. If not, I guess I'll figure out an OK Plan B.

The anchor test on the SuperMAX website is from 2003 and compares against Delta, Spade, WM Danforth style, and Bulwagga. None of the modern generation except Spade. Like all anchor manufacturers, SuperMAX claims superior holding in all bottoms. Like many/most manufacturers, a lot of anecdotal testimonial statements which unfortunately mean very little to me which is why I'm so thankful for Goodwins testing. They also seem to state that unless the anchor is used according to their instructions, you can draw no conclusions on how well it works. Odd statement, especially since it isn't immediately followed up with what that means.

One of the interesting things in Panope tests is the Viking significantly out-performs all other anchors. However it loses a lot of points on galvinizing quality and self-launch capability. I could live with the latter shortcoming, but not the former. I would definitely be interested in Goodwins evaluation of build quality of SuperMAX, especially the hinged shank model. I realize shipping an anchor is expensive, but for the most part, I think many/most people in groups like TF end up shipping as part of purchase to get the anchor they feel best meets their needs. If the SuperMAX was the right anchor, so be it. Surprised they use wide availability as a reason not to have Panope test it. Certainly the Viking - made in Israel - has managed to find benefit in providing a sample anchor for testing.

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