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Originally Posted by Seevee View Post
So, here's a question....
Suppose we get the OP the "perfect" primary anchor for his boat. Sarca, Vulcan, etc.
Now, for a secondary anchor, primarily for pending storms.
Would you mount it on another roller/chute next to the primary?
Assuming you had plenty of swing room, would you set it out several feet in advance of the primary, and tie it to the main anchor rode? Or use a Bahamian tie?
And when would you launch it? What kind of weather forecast would prompt you?
I added a second roller for my secondary anchor. Pics below. The one in my garage is when I was setting it up and shows it clearer. than the picture of it on the boat. The primary (35 Danforth high tensile) was all chain, secondary (44 Delta) was 20 feet of chain and 5/8ths 3 strand.
I set out both anchors on many occasions.
If the storm was predicted to stay in the same direction, I'd set them maybe 30 degrees apart and at different lengths. Each on their respective roller.

If I was anchored somewhere with "iffy" holding or a very crowded anchorage (think Block Island), I might just drop the second 20 feet off the bow and set it, then let out some rode. This would protect me if someone tripped the main, which happens a lot at Block (very shallow water). I would do this if we were going to be away from the boat for any length of time.

So, it's not always weather that determines when I set out a second anchor. Sometimes it's situation. But the preference is always one (my ancient and reliable Danforth), so I swing with the crowd.
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