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A few years ago my old friend from grad school AlaskaProf recommended I read "Alaska Blues" by Joe Upton about the good old days of commercial fishing in Alaska (1970's, with subsequent editions). I didn't move to Alaska until college in '82 so that was slightly before my time, but not much. As a former Alaskan I loved the book, made me homesick for the most spectacular place on earth, but now that I'm decades older and have a big 'ol' boat myself and I fret every little detail on a modern boat (pure sine wave inverter for the new fridge!) -- the last time I read that book I came away so impressed with how gutsy and bold they were with their surprisingly small boats. Giant storms and parts breaking off and windows blowing out and whacking the diesel to get it started and using hatchets to knock ice off the outriggers, but every season they'd make the trip back and forth like they were on the swan pond in Central Park. We're a bunch of pansies! Go for it!
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