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There are a fair number of them up here. Enough to have their own Victory Tug Owners Group I believe. There are some 49' Victory Tugs here, too.

The VT37 was the first boat we started considering buying back in the mid-90s when we started thinking somewhat seriously about getting a cruising boat. It along with the deFever 46/Alaskan 49/Fleming 55 (all the same basic deFever design) are our favorite production boat designs.

The only potential show stopper on the Victory Tug had we pursued a purchase was that they were not that old back then so their prices were still pretty high. And the earliest aka least expensive ones had a BMW diiesel. BMW makes fine engines but the support and parts availability was already starting to be a bit iffy according to the owners we talked to. Lord Nelson later changed to a Cummins diesel in the VT37.

There was a beautiful VT37 on our dock for several years, and a few years ago it went up for sale. Had we been in the market for a boat at that time we would have snapped it up. It had the Cummins engine.
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