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Often reality begins with a pipe dream.
Encourage your pipe dream to grow, research and study.
Get the charts and guides.
Plot your projected course, ports of call, refueling and places to restock your onboard stores.
See what the weather, sea state etc has been, historically, during the time you think you will be on the water. Talk to those who have made the voyage. Listen to their advice, take lots of notes. Ask them about their boat, size, brand, how it is/was equipped.
Once you have settled on and purchased a boat.... continue with your studies, join a couple of users' groups. Start with short trips .... learn how your boat behaves.
Travel with another boat..... or maybe a group of boats.
You can do it safely or like some folks load the boat with fuel, stores and few spare parts, minimal electronic, plan as you go..... a 'road trip' on the water.
I and others will discourage you from doing this.

Hey, when taking with folks who made the trip a few times, look at their paper charts..... use their charts to make notes on your own paper charts. Read their log too.

On a boat, dont over plan, scheduling is for car and RV folks. The two variables which you cannot command is the weather and sea state.

Good luck and encourage your pipe dream.
The meek will inherit the earth but, the brave will inherit the seas.
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