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Originally Posted by rslifkin View Post
The gassers will be thirsty, but in my mind, that's the only big concern with them. Other than appropriate safety precautions for a gasoline boat, of course. The old school low output 454s are about as durable as gassers get for a boat and they're pretty simple engines. So it's not hard to keep them reliable.

Diesels would be nice, but in a boat of that size range and type (planing hull motoryacht), the gas powered ones are so much cheaper to buy that I wouldn't consider it a dealbreaker.
Good points, but YES the 454s are a maintenance headache compared to a diesel.... no comparison. While they are not the worst engine that Merc made, all of the gassers are relatively high maintenance and short lives. Just look at the ads, rarely to you see one with much over 6 to 800 hours.. they just don't last. And, they're NOT simple. Plugs, manifolds, cooling issues, etc. And reliable to a point, but a lot of work.

I've had some 15+ gassers (IO or inboard) boats and not one was as reliable or low cost per mile compared to my diesels. Never again. Yes, deal breaker and I'd bet for most of us.

There's a reason it's so cheap.
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