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Originally Posted by KnotYet View Post
....Of course, there were times I felt a bit too connected to the water like when
crossing the Alenuihaha Channel where it took the strength of both legs to
push the tiller hard enough to keep from rounding up into the 40 ft waves!
(This while taking the green water in the face for 4+ hours!)
Yeah, too true, and yet don't you just feel so 'alive', when after the situation is controlled, and you can relax, the subsiding adrenaline surge is better than the best cup of coffee, don't you think.

I still vividly remember the first time out in our Tasman 20, having learnt sailing completely from reading, and crewing about twice on a Farr 6000, and, as luck would have it, we got caught in a Southerly buster. I learnt damn quick how to drop the jib, (even the smallest was too much), and put a big reef in the main, and still I was having to luff into the puffs like a madman. But jeez it felt great when we made it to the dock. Strange as it may seem, we never struck anything so bad ever again in the next 40 odd years of sailing/boating. Probably because I also learnt damn quick to look up the weather forecast - and believe it..!
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