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New Convert from Sailing

Just sold my sailboat, a 46' Moody center cockpit, earlier this month. Bitter sweet experience, but getting up in years and the maintenance on a 46' sailboat was getting to be a bit much, and we are ready for something different.

Momentarily boat-less, but probably will be looking into a trawler later this spring or summer, hence joining this forum. Chartering would make more financial sense than owning, except we are interested in a version of the Big Loop, and that sort or rules out renting. We want to take the boat from the Eastern seaboard to the Great Lakes for a summer or two, then bring her back to the Eastern seaboard via the St. Lawrence and around Nova Scotia.

Both of us are retired so we would spend the summers on the boat and put her ashore in the winter. We are used to cruising (more coastal than off shore), and I can do a fair amount of the maintenance. Have rented trawler-like boats on the Rideau Canal in Canada a couple of times. Enjoyed the experience more than I thought I would.

Joining the forum to get an idea of the issues of trawler cruising along with listening to the owners of the various makes discuss strengths and weaknesses of their vessels.
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