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Originally Posted by charlesamilton View Post
beauty! thanks for the info, any advise for the loop? do it in sections? all at once? 2 years? my 92 year old dad wants to come with me at least part of the time so I better hurry up, although hes in better shape than I am
Wifey B: Mid may to End of Sept, Hudson River to leaving Chicago. That's the critical time. You can take months or years from the outside of those two points. I'd cruise the Gulf and the East Coast one year without worrying about the loop, then be in NYC and ready on May1. After leaving Chicago, you can cruise the TN river a bit and then the TN Tom down to Mobile. Just depends on when you leave Chicago. We left the boat on the TN river and cruised it and the Cumberland the next summer. You're only governed by weather and opening of the locks on the Erie.
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