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Originally Posted by charlesamilton View Post
from the picture next to your profile name you must have another boat or you did the loop in a week and a half in that go fast ! I think you have a good point, a GB 36 is definetly set up better for the loop but well see, like I said I am a nubie
Wifey B: Did the loop in a Sunseeker Manhattan 65 we no longer have. Planning on looping again in 2023 but haven't get the boat for it yet. Boat in my avatar is my Baby Riva. Doesn't get tremendous use but when just the two of us want an overnight date somewhere by water or a weekend. And we do run it some as a day boat around home. Holds a special place in my heart as one of our first boat purchases here. Plus small and cute. Oh, and sort of fast. 42 knots WOT, 36 cruise. Loop boat was 10 knots slower but slept six, seven, or eight. Baby Riva just sleeps the two of us cuddled in the bow. It's actually a Rivarama Plus and no longer built. I just have an attachment to it I don't have to others.
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