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More recommendations please (Seapiper, Beneteau, Great Habour etc

“…however single engine.”


What is having twins giving you that you want?

When I was working, using twin outboards (occasionally triples) or dual inboards for emergency response made a lot of sense. We operated them quite often at the top end of recommended RPM (and my more reckless employees probably exceeded that often) and we’d occasionally burn one down. We were entering shallow waters, beaching at night etc. and would strike a prop every once in a while, sure.

In my personal boats I have operated for thousands of hours and never.ever.once. had a complete propulsion failure needing a get home engine. Unless you count my jet ski days as a teen, and twins weren’t available lol.

I do enjoy the slow speed maneuverability of twins but it’s not a must have. Just something to consider.
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