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Originally Posted by OldDan1943 View Post
Delivered in 2025? I plan on being dead by 2025 or 'stroked out', duct taped to a wheel chair, wearing a diaper LOL

I do believe you would have greater luck find a used N41.

I don't "plan" to be either dead or vegetative by 2025, but I recognize that it's a distinct possibility (if not probability) by then.

I've been searching for a used boat for just over 2 years. Between multiple bad experiences with sleazy brokers, the lack of supply, and nosebleed high prices on even project boats, I'm pretty much giving up (of course, hindsight being 20/20, a couple of the boats I saw Fall 2019 at the beginning of the search that I passed on because I thought something 'better' would come along, I should have jumped on if I knew then what I know now, but it was hard to predict the coming and impact of the pandemic).
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