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Starting my search

I put this in the wrong section earlier. I'm hoping one of the Californian experts I have seen on this board might be able to enlighten me. We are in the market for a 34-42' trawler style, I like everything I read about the Californian's so far. There are a few for sale in the Northwest. I've inquired on a 38 with a broker and I'm a bit confused by the engine and transmission combo. The boat is a '76, twin 6354m NA Perkins @135hp and it appears 1:1 transmissions. Broker says it cruises at 6.5kt at 1500, 3gph. Does anyone have any knowledge of this combo? Seems like the engines should be able to turn around 2400 so cruise RPM should be 1800-2000. I guess after reading about the Californian's I was hoping I'd find something with a little faster cruising speed. I just can't find much data on a 38 with the 135hp Perkins.

Thanks in advance.
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