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I am impressed you have kept yours maintained well enough to have it last so long. Great job!

Our previous bimini was about 20 years old and it was a piece of shit. Looked like a planetarium underneath it. It looks like the seams did fail, but it was equal parts thread and fabric failure. The best thread can't prevent the fabric around the needle holes from failure (stretching to larger than thread hole). So I will only submit that in your case, I believe that it was your care and feeding of the entire bimini that had as much to do (if not more) with the longevity of the seams than the thread itself. If you take that good of a care to a '72 Pinto, you could tell the same story. But hey... what do I know

Besides, I'd be bored with the color after 10 years and want to change it anyway. I think Bess will replace ours next year (or over the winter) just for the practice of doing one for the first time.
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