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It sounds like a nice boat. Before we purchased our boat we actually were shopping for GB 42 and looked at several. You're lucky to find a 91 with Lehmans, many of the 90's onward on had bigger engines in pursuit of speed. Check on the headliner and below the windows for any evidence of leaks. One surveyor told me to check the window tracks, clean tracks are essential to prevent window leaks. What he said was that the GB windows are pretty good if maintained. I think by 91 the GB cabins were all FG but some of the earlier FG models were still fiberglassed plywood and it wasn't very good plywood so they tended to rot around doors and windows if they were leaking at all.

Much has been made of the deck problems on GB but keep in mind that even pure FG decks can get water intrusion so GB isn't unique. Eventually most boats have some water in the core due to the fittings etc. Also make sure the teak isn't worn to the point where the black sealant is protruding. Some people clean their decks too often with aggressive teak cleaners that actually remove a layer of wood causing erosion of the deck itself. I saw this on an older boat.

The fuel tank rot can be hard to see and sometimes gets hidden by 'repairs'. Again, a good surveyor knows what to look for. Keep in mind this is a 30 year old boat, there will be some issues but if it was well maintained they should be easy to manage.
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