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Originally Posted by Bmarler View Post
i've never explored the river. are there many places to go? i see boats anchored here and there when i travel, but never really thought there was much to do.
i like the idea of boating in fresh water though.
Couldn't help but notice your statement above.

Gotta say... I agree!

For many decades on east coast and for years on west coast I boated in saltwater inside passages, anchored in protective bays and enjoyed coastal cruising. Sure was great fun and often exciting too. During those time spans my boat[s] were always docked in saltwater mariners.

2009, when we had two boats docked in a SF Bay saltwater mariner, my wife convinced me to cruise well into the freshwaters of SF Delta [she's from here - I'm from New England states]. We then docked under a covered berth in freshwater. Soon we sold the 31' sport fisher sedan in SF Bay saltwater and have since stayed in the Delta's freshwater.

In addition to wonderful warm freshwater swimming [end of May - beginning of October] and year-long consistent calm-water conditions... the reduced deterioration effects on the boat in comparison to saltwater is astounding!

Only down side for us is when we docked in SF Bay saltwater the marina we partook slip in was minutes from our house. But - depending on traffic... SF Delta's marina is 1.5 to 2 hours away. There's always a tradeoff for boating enjoyment!!
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