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Originally Posted by ksanders View Post
Here is a real time screen shot from my boat monitor.

I am in the middle of a work rotation and am 150 miles from home. (60 more work days till retirement )

The system I use (and I have had several) is based on a Zigbee and Zwave hub made by Aeotec, and the server platform I use is free and owned by Samsung Smartthings. The GUI displays I use are Actiontiles based.

I get real time notifications vis email, text, and through the app plus the system works autonomously to control things like the heating systems.

The sensors are all extremely reliable and are wireless. The batteries last about a year and I get notifications when a battery gets low prior to that sensor going offline.

I also have a dedicated display on the boat that cost me all of $120 and is based on a Amazon fire.

Are you monitoring 12V DC and 120V AC directly? If so, what specific sensors are you using for this? Thank you.
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