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Gulfstar 36 trawler - another advice post

So... I'm going to look at a 36 trawler tomorrow. My wife and I are shopping for a loop boat, maybe leaving in about 5 years. We've looked at quite a few boats from the $30k to the $125k range to get an idea of what one can get.

We did look at a GS36 a few years ago when we were vetting the concept of looping. It was hacked up with an RV AC on the fore deck, had lots of amateur hack job type redo's of the interior. Not saying I would do any better, but alas.... When I stepped on that boat, I remember my instincts still saying "this is a solid boat".

The GS 36 seems to fit our family economy for purchase price, maintenance and cost of actually looping. I'm trying to understand a few things to avoid any BS. Thanks in advance.

First, I always worry about the extent of deck rot on a 1970's boat. I've heard the subfloor is heavy glass, balsa or ply, and of course glass on top. Is the cabin all fiberglass construction? Would any rot be cosmetic?

I need to buy a boat that's water tight. Any spots that the GS36 are known to leak from and notoriously difficult to repair?

I know GS has fiberglass fuel and water tanks. The water tank apparently has a leak to 75 gallons and repairs have been attempted and failed. I have pretty high confidence in my repair skills, but I haven't seen the actual problem. Are water tank leaks common, or is it a symptom of a structural flex or twisting that shouldn't be there?

Is the diesel tank fairly accessible for cleanout if it's needed? I guess I'll see that tomorrow. If we buy it, we'll have a 6 day trip down the river to get her "home".

Boat has 80hp Lehmans. There's so much out there about Lehmans that I've read, but I'll take any tips. I understand they smoke when they start up, the injector pump oil needs to be maintained, the thrust plate will probably need to be changed if it hasn't been.

We currently have an Albin 25 and have been enjoying her. A25's were originally sailboat hulls, and we really have to hang on when we're hit from the beam with even a small boat wake. The A25 is 8.5' wide... but.... Is the GS really that bad about rolling? I've heard it is a soft roll, but it kinda sounds like BS.

Anything else anyone might share with me? If we buy, I'll be back to share anything I learn along the way.

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