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Originally Posted by twistedtree View Post
We will likely look into the self test kits. Just need to understand the logistics of how they work, dependency of mailing/shipping, and acceptability to various officials. For this round of getting the boat into Canada, then getting ourselves home, we will use local services.
Wifey B: No mailing required. You test and then get the results sent to your email within minutes. Here is one example:

You actually get a certified guide to guide you through the test. Digital certificate is loaded into the Navica App on your phone. Now some do require you to return samples. You're right though about looking into the various local requirements.

Only reason I'm familiar is we've used thousands in our businesses before ever using them on the water, then we used them in the Bahamas and they accepted them with no problem.

Good luck with all your going back and forth and hope you can get a lot of boating in.

One more question....oh god I sound like Colombo. But I'm not interrogating, just learning...what conditions do you still boat in or what conditions just enjoy time on the boat without going out? I'm talking temperatures, not seas. I do feel like if we had your boat where it is, we'd still take it out when the temps were in the 50's and even 40's. 30's might be a bit much.
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