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Originally Posted by twistedtree View Post
Well, to each her own. We find the winter in the PNW to be mild (it's all relative), and hotter climates that other love too hot for our taste. We also plan to spend next summer in AK, and WA/BC are a good place for shake down cruising.

Heading south, there isn't much that appeals to us until you get to Baja, and that's not a good place for shake down cruising.

Our plan is to stay in the PNW until boarders are reliably reopened. Then we will plan what's next.
Wifey B: Good morning. Why am I awake so early? Sidney is a great place and if I had to be cold it would be near the top of my list.

We did shakedown cruises in the area too. You're right about that. Just get out and boat all you can between now and spring. 61 here and high of 76 today. I'll survive. I was much better dealing with cold before 9 years living in Fort Lauderdale.

Staying in an area right now is still not a bad idea at all. We still don't know what is ahead.
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