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Originally Posted by Soo-Valley View Post
A boat under sail still has to drop sails before the motor becomes effective, is not necessarily faster in returning to MOB, so may as well use the sail power.
Removing power from the sail is fast. You just have to be let the main sheet and jib sheet go. It aint' pretty but ya gotta do what you gotta do. And in fact, with the POB overboard procedures, that is exactly what you do. Let go the sheets. But, the sheet are let go at a given part of the maneuver.

The problem is with a couple as crew, and one goes over board, it is impossible for the remaining person to maintain 100% eye contact on the POB AND maneuver the boat. If one has a 2-3 people on board after one falls over board, performing the sailing POB maneuvers is possible. One crews only job is to maintain eye contact on the POB at all times.

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