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The above posts about figure 8s, Williamson etc. and the classic Safety at Sea teaching as lead me to believe what I first posted.

Tap the MOB button. Drop a MOM-8 or equivalent. The MOM waypoint will tell you about where to start to look and the MOM-8 will drift at about the same rate as a person. Everyone on the boat should be told to get to the MOM-8 as best they can and stay there if MOB. How you do the search depends upon what boat you’re on, conditions, and number of crew. Only rule is -as fast as you can.
Although there’s a difference between salt and fresh water drowning and body temperature impacts brains resistance to hypoxia and anoxia in my view those 2 minute (commonly seconds) or less deaths are not classic drownings. At autopsy there maybe little water that has descended into the alveoli. Of course it matters little as you’re just as dead. But for point I was trying to stress. Presence of a life jacket or pfd doesn’t prevent these deaths. Neither are float jackets and even occasionally full blown immersion suits sometimes sufficient. A driver for some of these reflexes is immersion of the face and head. Of course total immersion of the entire body is much worst so devices and clothing that decreases the sudden change in gradient is helpful. Wearing that tight collar and tight constraints around your neck and wrists is uncomfortable. For some people their hands go numb or they get a HA or go faint. Have worn Gumby suits and you just about can’t do anything once in them. Even a Mustang is limiting if you tighten everything up. Don’t fall off the boat.
You can not buy safety 100% You can’t train safety 100%. Those things are of some value but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Don’t fall off the boat.
No alcohol underway. A leading factor in MOB. Safe practices moving around the boat. Do the safety training and get the basic devices but first and constant thought is -don’t fall off the boat.
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