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Originally Posted by dannc View Post

This has been a very bad year for drownings in NC. It was a bad spring and many people have drowned this summer on local lakes but mostly on the ocean beaches. Many of the ocean drownings have been from rip currents that people do not know how to handle. There was a 78 year old woman who drowned yesterday at the beach. Been a really bad year.

Wifey B: Living on a lake in NC for 12 years, I was shocked at the constant drownings on lakes and in the ocean. Hubby had two cousins nearly drown when younger, one in a city pool due to cheap snorkel type mask, and one at coast due to rip tide taking him out.

Being able to swim doesn't drown proof you and our college required a drown proofing class, but it sure doesn't help if you get hit in the head on the way over.

PLB's are getting much more advanced with things like sending messages vis AIS and MOB alarms and auto on when vest is inflated but they all still need a bit more work so that they're truly rescue tools and not body recovery tools.

Only other things I'll add to the great stuff above is if you've ever towed water skiers think of the pickup of the MOB in that way. Far easier to use a rope like a ski harness and get it to them than it is to go directly to them. Then, always have steps aboard but if you have a crane of any type practice using is on people and on dogs of all sizes. Let's not forget dogs overboard.
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