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Originally Posted by AlanT View Post
IMO being handy is quite important. Even if you can afford to write checks often times it is not as easy as that. Depending on your location, Marine Trades might be hard to find or unavailable when you need them. Lead times can be weeks or months which can keep you off the water just when you want to be out fishing.

This is so true. I would have gladly paid a small fortune to have someone troubleshoot and fix my depth sounder issue. Not possible.

I did find a vendor that was willing to test my DSM if I brought it too him. He also loaned me a transducer to test the DSM and system in situ. It was a 45 minute drive from my house to his shop each time. Yes, I paid him for an hours shop time to test the DSM, but I didnít pay for the loaner test transducer. I also didnít pay him for his experience and advice. When I determined, with his advice, that I needed a new thru-hull transducer I decided to purchase it from him rather than order it online for much less.

I was able to pay a yard to haul the boat and install the new transducer, but I wasnít able to pay someone to run the cable from the transducer to the DSM in the pilothouse. I would have paid a LOT.

So writing a check is a good plan if you can do it. Sometimes you canít so you are left with having to do it yourself or watch precious boating time pass you by.

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