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Originally Posted by 68camaro View Post

I am quite handy and like projects, but big question is once retired do I want to maintain boat myself or just write checks...this answer very well may help determine max length of boat. However, with trawler I am thinking projects while under way may help pass the time.
IMO being handy is quite important. Even if you can afford to write checks often times it is not as easy as that. Depending on your location, Marine Trades might be hard to find or unavailable when you need them. Lead times can be weeks or months which can keep you off the water just when you want to be out fishing.

If you have access to a good mechanic that is experienced with your engine; a good electrician who will point out and fix prior botched jobs as he is working on your new project; and a plumber that does not mind being on call to troubleshoot a non-functioning head - then you are probably captaining a superyacht with a crew of at least 5!

Most maintenance on a boat of your planned size is well within the ability of a handy person with the right tools and, where needed, access to youtube. Heck you might even get to enjoy it.
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