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Permit me a word for everyone's education.

When you look at a 20 old boat that indicated, 43ft OAL, you had a boat with an OAL of 43ft. These days the same hull may very well be classified as a 45 or 46ft OAL length. They are now including the thingie that "hangs off the stern", aka the swim platform, in the OAL and they can charge more money for the OAL of the boat. Prior to the change, the only person who held the swim platform important were the transit dock masters who willingly went to the boat to measure the OAL so they could charge more.

So, the theoretical 43OAL may very well have the usable OAL of 40ft.
I say this without knowing if you found someone willing to live and sleep on the swim platform.

Another example? My American Tug is documented as a 34ft OAL. The same but, new boats, hull length is the same as my 34. I am not criticizing the AT folks or the Norhavn folks. Almost all builders are adding in the swim platform in OAL.
I had an old N46 and then I added a swim platform resulting in a 49ft OAL, still documented as a 46ft OAL. SHRUG
It would be better if you considered the water line length instead of the LOA.
Just something to keep in mind as you look at boats.
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