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Having an old uncleanable fiberglass tank

When I bought my 1981 Marine Trader in 2007 its main water tank was a fiberglass holding tank that was under the queen bed in the aft cabin of about 250 gallons. It was also insulated with foam insulation. There was no way to clean it. It is used only for washing and showering. We bring bottled water for drinking. Lately it has been very difficult to find fresh water in the Gulf Islands. Some marinas are shutting off their water taps or having one tap only and restricting water usage.

Now that I am fully retired I am thinking of installing a dedicated drinking water day tank directly under the kitchen sink of about 60 liters made of polypropylene. There would be a deck fill using a standard water fill plate, a pull out spray nozzle right by the sink and it could drain into the bilge during cold weather if I am away from the boat in the winter.

The expensive part would be buying a portable Rainmaker osmosis water maker so I would be fully independent.

Do any of you guys have a separate day tank for drinking water?
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