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Good points also Sue, and you know much more than I do when it comes to Ranger Tugs!! Good to know about the usual install of diesel furnaces in this area. Makes sense.
However, my comments stand for our OP as he is talking about potentially buying a brand new R27 with outboard motor (300 hp seems standard from what I can see online).
For extended cruising (meaning all year round and/or longer trips or time aboard) I feel that an R27 lacks interior room due to it's narrow beam and large cockpit. Additionally the Ranger's with outboards rarely operate at hull speed and therefore fuel costs will be approx. $1200 more (for only a 100 hour season) per year compared to the slower diesel tugs (on average) we have been discussing. Granted 100 hours at higher speed gets you further. The R27 also has a fairly small water tank (only 40 gallons, and we found 80 gallons hard on our first boat) and it's range is limited due to higher fuel consumption and a relatively small fuel tank.
My intent is to have the OP consider all aspects before making his decision and maybe standing a better chance of being totally happy with his choice, whatever that turns out to be.

I am glad to hear you have made it up here (to Canada) and hope to get to meet you in person one day.
I think I confused myself with fuel costs and mixed mpg and hours. It would theoretically cost $1200 more for a 100 mile trip. If my logic is off, maybe someone could correct me?? Thks.
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