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We did the Snake river run to Lewiston in a 330 Sundancer. One word of caution about Boyer, we found the entrance a bit on the squeaky side due to low water conditions. That was many years ago but from what I read on forums like this it is still that way.

Coming down river the next good marina is at Lyons Ferry. It was sold a few years ago and as I understand the new owners have made significant improvements. The next good marina downriver is Fishhook Park. It's a COE park that has a great dock that is well protected from the weather. As you enter the marina stay towards the port side because there's some shallow areas along the concrete wall. There's no power available at this marina but it's fairly inexpensive. We took our 550DB in there many times and there's plenty or room to maneuver.

About a mile downstream and across the river is a nice cove that offers a good anchorage.

Downstream is Charbonneau Park. It's very shallow on the stbd side as you enter so we haven't used it in decades.

After you go through Ice Harbor lock there's a narrow channel for a mile or so. When you go through there make certain you stay between the buoys. When you get to where the river bends to port, find the range markers on your stern (they're up in the orchard) and the ones on the bow and stick pretty close to the centerline. There's another set of range marks when you make a turn to stbd so find then and stick close.

Then you're almost to the Columbia. One vehicle bridge and one train bridge to pass beneath then the Snake opens wide up. When you turn upstream on the Columbia you're almost to a good marina with power, water, etc. If you belong to a yacht club give me a call (PM me for my cell number) and I'll arrange for free reciprocal moorage. If not a member, go into the waters south of Clover Island, pass all the covered moorage and the row of boat houses. Guest moorage is at a long dock at the backside of the boathouse row.

Now at this point, once you're secured to the dock you have one important duty to fulfill. Call me or text me (PM me for my phone number) and the first round at the brewery at the top of the docks is on me.
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