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Originally Posted by markpierce View Post
Family is what it is all about.
Wifey B: Never was to us. We didn't have birth families alive or that we cared about but then we up adopted a sister and parents and then moved to our current home and our family became humongous. However, for many, family isn't there or important. I have no living birth family. My hubby has lots of cousins and aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews but we haven't seen any of them in 15 years and have no desire to see them again. Not people we want to be with and I'm sure they feel the same about us. We also have many around us who don't have "birth families" in their lives and all we can do is encourage them to build their own families. Let's just not assume everyone has family. Many elderly in FL haven't seen family in years. Many young people had breaks with family as teens. Unfortunately, for many, the traditional family concept is dead. I know many cruisers whose families are most definitely now the cruiser community.
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