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Originally Posted by N4061 View Post
After living aboard part time (Mon - Fri) for a couple of years we always enjoyed leaving the boat for home and the yard knowing that we could return when we wanted and not being trapped. Living aboard can be great but it also can be a nightmare so take it slow.

Wifey B: Part of retirement is freedom. Freedom to cruise or stay on land, to do nothing or to work even. However, in protecting your freedom, you must protect choices until sure you don't need them. Freedom to boat and travel anywhere in the world is great, but you indicate as I would feel still having the need for the freedom to return to land and back to the boat when you want. Many don't need the freedom to return to the land home but you just can't be sure until you do it.

For me, it's not the house itself, but it's all my ^%#$ extended family and friends who are there when I'm there and I can't live without now. What happened to us being loners who didn't need family and others? Where the &^$$^% did all these people we care about come from?

Don't burn the bridges till you're sure you don't need to cross back over.

Also, don't overlook the inevitable slings of age.
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