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Originally Posted by PocketAces View Post
Hi, I am going to replace the flybridge cushions and backrests in my Mainship 34 T (08). It is not at all clear how the backrests are fastened to the flybridge sides. I can think of three possibilities

1. They were simply glued on

2. There are mounting bolds in the side fibreglass and the backrests have openings which drop onto the mountings. You would slide the backrest up and then pull back to remove.

3. They are through bolted with the fastenings nuts in very obscure and hard to reach places.

Can anyone verify? The folks who are going to replace the cushions think it would be #3 above saying backrests would be done right at the end of the construction and hence they would have to be reachable by a nimble human being.


Tony, Pocket Aces, Mainship '08T

On my 06 34T there were bolts from the cushions secured with wing nuts - I had to stick my head into the under-seat locker and peer up to see them. Then easy to unscrew the wing nuts and remove the cushions (if you have reasonably long arms).
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