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Originally Posted by Bryant View Post
Or, rather than a juvenile attempt at being funny, the OP could be provided with answers to his questions. Of course, we could just do fart jokes and let him figure out the relevance to his question.
Originally Posted by BruceK View Post
Nicely written actually, but zilch to do with the thread. Unless just, "taking the piss". Talking of 'piss", I doubt he`s had a kidney stone.
Actually, the OP has already received a plethora, (that's a good word), of advice re his 'retirement vision', much positive, some negative, but the thread was getting a bit top heavy. I think swa , prompted by the thread title, put up his piece by the desire to lighten the thread up a bit, and entertain at the same time, by highlighting another facet of being retired - and I think he achieved that.

I think Bryant needs to have a beer himself - or other preferred drink - and lay back and soak up the enjoyment of being retired, and if he isn't...maybe needs to think about it - it's quite catchy, and something to look forward to.

As to Bruce's suggestion of the passing of a kidney stone - never have myself, but treated many who have/are - and I got the strong impression it might even edge out the kick in the you know whats, and be very comparable to child birth.

Ok, thread hijack over, and back to the serious stuff...
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