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Originally Posted by Octaman View Post
Hello there to all you passionate boaters!
I am a seasoned sailor with vast experience on different types of boats but it is my first time on a Grand Banks 32.
My first impression has been totally positive and I am looking forward to learning a lot about this boat from your awesome website and also to contributing whatever knowledge I can, in return.
You seem to be a very friendly and helpful bunch of people and I am looking forward to interacting with you.
With sunny regards from a country that is just opening up from covid restrictions.
I am covid free and I have been vaccinated.
We have just been allowed to go back on the water and it is so refreshing.
Nothing on land can equal being on the water - my humble opinion.
Fair winds to all.
Wifey B: Oh so excited reading your post and being allowed back on the water. We're totally vaccinated and leaving for Italy on Monday, arriving on Tuesday to spend the summer on the water in Europe, including several days in Greece. While I didn't know what might be possible this summer I tried to control my excitement but now it's totally over the top and I'm

You'll love your GB 32 and the time on the water.
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