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Howdy All from a Rookie

I'm a rookie (70 year old rookie) and have been reading this forum for awhile now. Cannot express how impressed I am with all the help. Anyway, wife and I are considering a boat for cruising around in. She gets sea sick sometimes (we have friends with a sailboat) so it will be only when the water is reasonably smooth and probably 80 % ICW. We are in Virginia and would probably call home a marina near Deltaville. Bucket list would be the loop but that's a ways off. My research so far suggests a Trawler ..... slow and steady and easy on fuel. Probably should mention the budget is not huge so GPH are important. Not looking to go fast anyway. Been looking at boat trader etc and there aren't a ton under $100K but we're not in a hurry. Would like to find the right boat by 1st of 2022. I think she would really like the aft Bedroom and it would need a separate shower. Also like the "sundeck" models. So there are choices but not a ton. Kinda would like to avoid a Volvo due to parts and smoke.
Anyway, I'll keep reading and learning and happy to be aboard (almost).
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