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Wanted: Looking for Aft Cabin Trawler

Looking for an aft cabin trawler style with reliable quality fuel tanks. Any suggestions?

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Originally Posted by Misssjody View Post
Looking for an aft cabin trawler style with reliable quality fuel tanks. Any suggestions?
Wow, Misssjody - Congratulations!!

That is the least obnoxious wish list I've ever seen!

However... just gotta ask... besides of and in addition to your request for "... aft cabin trawler with reliable quality fuel tanks." What other features/factors do you seek in a boat??

Ya know, like:

- length
- beam
- max draft
- planing, semi displacement or displacement hull design
- # of heads
- up or down galley
- cockpit
- twin or single screw engines
- gasoline or diesel
- wood/fiberglass/steel construction
- flying bridge or flat top
- gen set
- propane
- 30 or 50 amp service
- how many years old - or maybe you'd like to purchase it brand new!

Just to mention a few other items regarding boat styles.

Good Luck!

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Welcome aboard.
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Lets start with your request because you have made an interesting one, and wise beyound what you know. If you are asking for good fuel tanks then you are probably looking for used. Now here is what you need to know.

In the RV industry, many motorhomes and travel trailers/fifth wheels are built around the refrigerator. In other words, when the vehicle was being built it was easy to get the fridge in, but try to get it out when you go to replace it. Its not at all unusual to have to remove the door frame to buy an extra inch of space. And often then the door frame removal doesn't work.

Now with boats, particularly older trawlers, the boat was built around the fuel tanks and engine. I exaggerate a little but not a lot when I say they almost have to remove the back third of the upper structure of a boat to get at the engine and tanks. Often having to cut part of the deck away. So with this in mind, pay attention to accessibility of engine and tanks. And with older boats, replacing fuel tanks isn't an unusual occurrence. And it is difficult to tell how "good" the tanks are if 1) you can't see in 2) you can't see all around the tank, corrosive problems might occur where you can't see them. I just replaced fuel tanks on my 50 year old boat just based on the principle, even if something wasn't wrong, something would be wrong later. My refit guy recommended against replacing them but when he took them out and drained them all kinds of crude came out (gas tanks). I also replaced my water tank and same deal, crap came out.

Most things aren't a big deal if you have the money, but it can be a big deal if you don't.
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I like boats that have center line tanks, that sit above the bilge and are narrow enough to go out the door. One of the first things I looked at before I bought the current boat was how easy it would be to replace the tanks. In my case you remove the bed, tanks are multiple long thin tanks connected together. Each tank can pass right through the hall way and out the door. With tank replacement so easy, i’m Not bothered by tank material. In my case it’s aluminum.
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