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Originally Posted by Julsburd View Post
Thanks Steve. Your information was nice to hear and it was important to know the end of the model (2008). What is the draft of your boat and do you think that changes with each hull design of the 43's. That is one thing we find interesting about the Selene's is that they are all a little bit different. They are a really nice boat and you confirmed that. Thanks!

We're a full 5 ft draft. Trent-Severn is skinny in spots if you're planning to loop via that route. Water levels were at some of the highest levels in 2017 when we did that route, about 9" lower coming back. We bumped the bottom around Kirkfield both directions, and at the hole in the wall RR bridge. We're stern-heavy due to placement of the water tanks in the laz- relocated fwd on later hulls.

Doors were a weak spot, they switched to Diamond Sea Glaze doors around hull 14? don't quote me on that. Barry N. (4309) has that info. Even the Diamond SG doors can have corrosion issues. Stainless window frames were an option, well worth it!

Happy hunting!

Steve Sipe
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Originally Posted by Ken E. View Post
Pardon the side drift from Selenes, but in your travels in South East Asia, how would you describe, generally, how safe you felt at your anchorages? Any piracy encountered? Did the locals usually welcome you? Interested in any related commentary.
Hi Ken, no worry for the drift in the forum but take care of the drift while at anchor!!!
Cruising South East Asian waters has been very safe for me, nice anchorages, no piracy at all, I heard that there are some safety issues in some parts of the Philippines but havenít been there yet so canít really comment on that. The locals are usually very friendly provided you respect the rules and culture of the country, need to get used to the fisshing fleets in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand since they donít necessary have all the regulatory navigation lights and few of them have an AIS, so for night navigation, a good radar is very welcome...Should you have more specific needs for information, please do not hesitate to pm me.

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