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Sold- High Seas Marine SSB HF Radio Transceiver 150 watts

ICOM M710 SSB transceiver – includes Mic & factory instruction manual.

SSB radio Transceiver with Approximately 150 watts output power - also selectable to 60 watts & 20 watts.
-------- Runs on 13.8-volts DC - plus or minus 15%. -----

(NOTE: if you want to run this radio on 24 -V or 32- volts then a special voltage converter is needed, which are still available from ICOM - PT # PS-65/66 & if you want it to run off 120-V A/C then a ICOM power supply PT # PS-60 for that).

Current draw: Transmit - 30 A ---- Receive - 2.5 to 3.0 Amps.

It already has the basic Marine HF ITU Channel Frequencies programmed in from factory - both Duplex channels & Simplex channels.
Note: 160 additional channels of user selectable HF band frequencies & those can be added or changed, if desired.

User selectable modes of operation - Operates in voice SSB mode, CW - Morse code mode & FSK mode for those with modems for things like Sail Mail, etc.

NOTE: No antenna & No antenna tuner, No mounting bracket, No Power cables & one little rubber foot missing on bottom corner. -- all those are still available if you want them & can be ordered.

This is just the basic good solid Marine Single Side Band HF transceiver that gets the communications job done that your looking for to be reliable & there when it's needed.

-----Receiver covers Frequencies 500 kHz to 29.999 MHz's .
-----Transmitter covers all ITU marine HF band frequencies as listed:
1.6 - 2.9999MHz
4.0 - 4.9999 MHz
6.0 - 6.9999 MHz
8.0 - 8.9999 MHz
12.0 - 13.9999 MHz
16.0 - 17.9999 MHz
18.0 - 19.9999 MHz
22.0 - 22.9999 MHz
25.0 - 27.5000 MHz -- only 60 & 20 watts on this band.

there are 160 available additional slots for user programmable frequencies.

------ See Pictures Below. ---- weighs about 18 to 20 pounds or so.

Just a good solid operationally sound SSB radio transceiver for those who go beyond VHF radio line of sight range & like the peace of mind that having the communications flexibility that a good powerful SSB transceiver like this gives you, when you’re at sea or some quite out of the way & off the beaten path anchorage as well.

Priced reasonably @ $ 325.oo - OBO - plus shipping. -- I accept PayPal.
----- Located in Southern California --- zip - 93010
Contact me at: alfa mike 8277 at yahoo dot com, or PM me here on TF.

----- Thank for taking the time to read this ad. -- see pictures below:

Alfa Mike

Front view of the radio

rear view of the radio

This shows the serial number -- # 03888.

3/4 view

3/4 view

This picture shows the missing corner rubber foot I mentioned.


Alfa Mike

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---------- sold - ! ----------------

--------- SOLD !! -----------------------------------------------

Thanks for all the e-mails & interest in the radio.

This item is sold.


Alfa Mike
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