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City: West Vancouver
Country: Canada
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Looking for our first Trawler


We are new to this forum and new to trawlers. We have sailed and powered (smaller boats) and are now ready to move into our first trawler.

We are looking for a 32-34 ft trawler with a smaller beam (12ft and under). We would like to keep the price at $150,000 or lower if possible.

Would love any suggestions...perhaps you have just the right boat for us.



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City: LaConner
Country: USA
Vessel Model: 34' CHB
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Lot of boats in that size range. Lots of CHB trawlers around in that size, 34' being the most common I think. Prices will be well below your max, but often need boat dollars thrown at them, but are still good basic boats. Bayliners are very popular as are many production boats. The various "tugs" are pretty neat but most will want your dollars and more if over 30'. The command a premium for some reason. Good luck and have fun, the search is the most fun of boating.

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City: Holladay, UT
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Nordic Tug 32 would be first on my list. Quite a few to choose from. And they're not too expensive to truck across country if the right one is far from you.
Richard Cook
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There several Eagle 32 for sale in your area and can be bought for 90k.
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TF Site Team
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Have you decided on a style you'd like? Aft cabin? Sedan/Europa? Tug? Flybridge? galley up or down? Cockpit required? Covered decks and FB? Speed needs: 8K, 12K, 20K? Turnkey or fixer upper?

Lots of styles to choose from in that price range. I was so confused when I started looking....too many choices and decisions. Once I defined my needs and desired operating area, I found several models that were easily ruled out. No need for a Selene in the CA Delta and no need for a houseboat in the SF Bay. Eventually the right boat came along at the right price and condition.
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Country: USA
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Welcome to the forum! Enjoy the search for your new boat.

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Vessel Name: Carolena II
Vessel Model: Nordic Tug 32/34
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As has already been suggested, you ought to look at the Nordic Tug 32/34 in that price range. You're budget is about what we paid for our 2002 model. I mention 32/34 becuase they changed the name a few years ago, but starting in about 2002 it is the same hull (with integrated swim platform). Before that, it had a bolt on platform but about same size. Our length is just a hair under 35 feet all in, so we are able to fit in a 35 foot slip. As best I recall, our beam is around 12 feet +/-. We had ours trucked up from Florida and it really wasn't that big of a deal (I think it was under $3,000). We had to remove the stack, radar and antennas, but upper deck rails were able to stay in place. Shipper only needed permits and were able to fit all the interstate bridges.
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City: Satsuma FL/Daytona Beach Shores
Country: United States
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Vessel Model: Hurricane SS188
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This Great Lakes Nordic 34' is on the market for $148K:

2000 Nordic Tugs 32 Power Boat For Sale -
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Another vote for the Nordic Tugs and the Eagle 32 both good for new to trawler style of boating. NT semi displacement with good economy and speed when needed. Both safe for inside and close in coastal use. Very popular in PNW.
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look at Camano, they have a 31' LOA

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