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Trim Tab Questions

From looking and reading, it seems that some of the 28/31 models had trim tabs, but most did not.

I've seen notes from people that have them that they're good to have. I've seen notes from people that don't have need. I realize some of that is based on speeds normally run.

I have a couple questions. Anyone out there actually added a set, so as to have a before/after seat of the pants comparison.

Second; for those that have them, what size are you running?

While they certainly aren't necessary, I've found them useful on just about any other boats I've had, and I'm curious about people's experience with this particular hull.



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My 2000 Camano has Lenco trim tabs. I'm not sure of the size of model (they look very big compared the the tabs I had on my C Dory).

I don't know if they help or not because having them is all I know!


2005 Silverton 35 Motoryacht
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The Pacific Camano site has a table showing performance differences with the trim tabs in use vs. the trim tabs not in use. Very interesting!
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Trim tabs are often used as a substitute for propper trim.

But trim tabs are quite useful on planing hulls. And the Troll is a planing hull.

Many trawlers have a big fuel tank aft (like the NT32) and may benefit from trim tabs. But as a boat gets heavier tabs loose their effectiveness. On a light boat w lots of fuel fwd (trimed w full tanks and twin diesel IO’s aft) when fuel is low the tabs would help keep the stern up.

But most trawlers are too heavy to benefit from tabs. They just create lots of drag.

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The tabs come into use as speeds increase with the Camano hull.
If you intend to burn lots of fuel and cruise at 10+..... they will help give better trim and an extra half knot speed.
If you prefer sipping fuel in the 6-7knot range, they are not worth the expense.
The previously mentioned chart on the Camano site is your best point of reference.
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