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Lifting the Camano 31 Troll

This is the newbie again. I am in the process of having a new dock and boat lift designed. I have decided after much study that most likely I will at sometime in the near future be attempting to purchase a Camano 31 Troll. With that in mind , I sent several pictures of a diagram picture of the boat in profile, then sent several pictures odiferous a feral Camano fro front side and back to our contractor. So here’s my question, he now tells me that the boat will fit fine.....BUT, , due to the keel we are going to need risers for the bunks, at least two adjustable screw jack stands and a keel beam support..... this of course will add mucho $$$$$$$ to the price😮😢.... just curious from those who own and have experience is this really needed for this boat to be lifted properly? Any insight experience would be greatly appreciated aaThank you

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So here's the best I can tell you. I've got a picture of our boat sitting on the dirt a few weeks ago. You really can't tell much from the photo, but if you sat the bike down on level ground by itself, the boat would sit seriously bow down. That's due to the keel down under the prop. A few months ago I had the boat out of the water sitting on a grid and it shocked the hell out of me. It was bow down enough that it made me nervous working on it. I think I have a picture somewhere and I'll look for it. So to answer your question best I can, i agree you will need to support the keel back a bit aft of the rear of the cabin. The keel drops down in that are and I would think you'd want it sitting on a solid surface back where it has dropped down. Then I'd want to suppport it closer to the front, say where the first stanchion is in front of the cabin. But that support will need to be something like a foot or so taller to level out the boat. It would be nice to get one more support under the keel, maybe between the two.

i suppose you could do away with the two front ones and just have the boat sitting down solid at the back, then on adjustable stands, similar to what you see in the picture.
It will certainly be a bit of a puzzle, but really shouldn't be that bad.

have fun and good luck

Click image for larger version

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Here is a photo of a Camano on a lift. Not much information.
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