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Re: Your question about sea-worthiness - I pulled into a marina next to a brand new 77' Riva, which had bent props and bent shafts from running the Albemarle-Pungo canal. The Riva has two hanging unprotected props. We all hear a "thump" now and then, and having a full keel, stainless steel solid skeg under the prop, well mounted rudder makes a Camano prop more protected from debris than many other boats. Bob Warman designed Camanos for the Pacific NW waters, lots of floating logs, etc. So, Camanos have very thick hulls, 100% hand laid fiberglass below the water line.

If you search YouTube, you can find a sponsored series narrated by Jimmy Dick, and it covers construction quality, the "Keel-Form" hull design, fuel consumption, comfort, docking, and so much more. There is also a video of testimonials from what looks like a west coast rondy.

A couple of other notes: at the cabin bulkhead, the V-berth is 101 inches, 21 inches WIDER than a King Size Bed, narrower at the V, of course.

Side decks: From the helm you can place a fender line on the cleat for a mid-vessel fender, and by tying of your bow line to the stern cleat, you don't need to go forward on the side decks prior to docking on a face dock or slip with a pier along side. You can run light lines back to the cockpit and use a "clothes line" approach to running out a series of fenders on each side. Look for creative solutions to your concerns.

Be sure to spend some time on the Camano flying bridge. Very many very good boats simply don't have a flybridge. There's a good reason why the lower cost Camanos offered without a flybridge didn't sell well enough to keep that model in production, with 100% of later production being the flybridge model. That's where we spend almost all of our time apart from rain and low sun on the bow.

As for A/C, we don't have a generator, so the flybridge is awesome. Water temp makes coastal air delightful in the breeze created by forward motoin. Fans in the cabin make the cabin comfortable. Our Camano started life as a Florida boat, and that owner installed a second, forward A/C unit, and that is rarely necessary in NC.

Making progress toward your selection?

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Camano Comments

Wow Fun thread.
We are retired sailor and purchase a Camano 31 last May.
Many comments here and this is our experience.
1) Went from Niagara 35 sailboat to a Camano 31. So much more room on the camano and so well thought out.
1.1) We bought the boat for doing the Canadian rivers and canal on long weekends and 2 week stints. Never thought it was suitable for the Great loop or live aboard. We bought her from a couple that just did the great loop on her. We will now do the great loop on the Camano 31. Perfect boat for it and will live on her for a 2 year stint soon..
1.2) Two Couples. This is a one couple boat or parents and kid. When we bring another couple with us, and we do, we give them the forward cabin and we take the salon table. All good but much beyond 4 days it is tight. In bad weather at anchour it is tight. 1 couple boat with visitors that wont say long. All good
2) Seaworthyness. Boat will handle anything better than we will. So don't go out in bad weather. The keel form and low engine make this boat handle like a larger boat.
3) We purchased a Mainship pilot 34, and have cruised on a GB36 extensively. The living space on a camano so siginificantly better than the MS P34, add the interior living space and half galley up along with the flying bridge and it is awesome. We have 4 places we live. Upper flybridge, salon, the back deck which is awesome on windy days and the bow for morning coffee, sunsets etc. How do you get that on a 28 foot waterline boat. Grand banks 36 has second cabin and is great in all weather. Issue is old style and very slow. We love the fact that you can go 10 knots easily and if need be pull her on a plan and run at 14 knots.
Re build, the build quality on this boat is on level with GB. Can't compare it a Mainship.
4) cold weather. This is a PNW boat, she is awesome. I live in Toronto and this is a fabulous boat that extentds the season by a month on either end of the summer. First in and last out.
5) Fuel efficient. We have a ton of range, no issue what so ever.
5) holding tank. Small but manageable. 4 days 2 couples is max. Must manage but no issue
6) forward berth. great, no issue with size. I am 6', wife very happy too

One incredibly well thought out boat with awesome performance.

Camano 31

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This boat was built for Pacific Northwest and above waters. The designer would have spent time boating on the Salish Sea which can turn nasty at times and so he would have been conscious of designing a vessel that can handle "troubled waters." He would also know that some of his boats would visit Alaska and travelled the west coast area of Vancouver Island (open ocean). So as the old saying goes, your boat will take more than you can.

Your and my boat are roughly the same size with yours being a bit beamier and a smaller cockpit which provides more interior space. As has been suggested, you can enclose the upper bridge which would provide you with another protected sleeping area. My boat has a larger canvas enclosed cockpit when the sides are rolled down, so I can fit an inflatable single bed which I will use when I have guests using the dinette and V berth areas.

My bias is against enclosed flybridges but many cruisers have them and are happy with them. When you enclose the flybridge, the center of gravity is moved up a bit and the effects from side winds become more pronounced, translation - your boat will swing more in a side wind, an issue on the Strait of Georgia.

Below is a copy and paste of a review of the Camano I'm sure you have read.

If you're looking for a small cruising boat with character, quality and economical performance you should
take a look at the Camano 28/31.

Designed by Vancouver naval architect Bob Warman, the style of the Camano 28, with its high nearly
plumb bow, radiused transom and prominent deck saloon is certainly influenced by Pacific Northwest
workboats. Not so apparent are some of the innovative design features Warman incorporated. Below the
waterline there is a broad, deep keel and double chine forward that, without going into a bunch of techno -
talk, improve the efficiency and operational characteristics of the design.
The Camano 28 was built on a limited production basis (about 12 boats a year) by the company Warman
founded in 1989 until the company was sold in 1997. The new owners moved to a larger facility in Delta,
British Columbia and increased production capacity until there are now more then 250 of these models
built. Although the manufacturer still specifies the length on deck as 28 feet, the model is now marketed
as the Camano 31. This reflects the overall length of the vessel which includes the swim platform and
stainless anchor davit at the bow. The beam of 10 feet, 6 inches, draft of 3 feet, 3 inches and displacement
of 10,000 lbs. are all rather substantial for a 28-footer
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An easy fix to the small holding tank is the installation of a composting toilet. See one manufacturer here:

We are so very pleased with it!
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My 2 cents having cruised 3 months at a time on 3 occasions aboard Emma B.
Great couples boat.
Tight for 4!
Excellent Keys or Bahamas boat with shallow draft and flybridge views.
Modify to suite
Pump direct over on Bahamas, or add macerator pump
No pump outs in the Abacos.
Love mine!

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