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Camano 31 propeller size, etc.

My 2005 Camano came with what I'm guessing is the original prop, 4 blade 20"x18", very good but slightly below perfect leading edge condition, no cupping visible to my eye. It works well, and my peak WOT RPM (10 minutes near the end of longer runs) is 3800 with pretty full water and fuel and prop-coated, which I think is 100 below spec WOT for the TAMD41 P-A of 3900. I'm very satisfied with that.

But, I wonder if any Camano 31 owners (especially with TAMD41 P-A equiped Troll models, which I guess is 80% of us) have used a different size prop, or re-pitched. Has anyone experimented with cupped props or something other than 4 blades? Performance outcomes? Thoughts on best brands, best values? I'm planning to use the original for a spare, have it rehabilitated, buy a new prop.

Do most folks use prop-coat or another anti-fouling paint on their props and bow thrusters? (My bow thruster was awful after 18 months, while hull was close to barnacle-free last year....brackish water. Double coated with prop-coat April 2018....we'll see how that worked this summer. What works best?

I truly appreciate all the great suggestions I read on TF, including solutions to problems I don't even have ( know what's coming if I don't say "yet".....).

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I have had goof looking props redone by a prop scan shop with very positive results I would start there then decide if you want a spare prop. You have lots of other stuff to spend money on rather than a spare prop to carry around.

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I have the exact same motor in my Cape Dory 28 and achieve the Same RPM's. Based on specs, and a propscan this is as close to perfect as you'll get. I have a 4 blade 18x17, repitched from an 18x18 some years ago. Thje ability to achieve Max rated RPM at WOT is what you want to shoot for. I doubt over or underpropping at this point would get you anything. I wouldn't mess with it. Chances of you ever damaging a prop on that boat are slim...
Since I'm one dock over from you, I can confirm the bad build up last year due to water conditions. My Bow thruster aperture was also almost completely blocked, most of it occurring last summer with the Mussel problem. My hull was very clean after 2 seasons, and my Prop, with a cheap spray coat of rustoleum Zinc coating was virtually perfect. Based on those results, I did the same when hauled last spring. I have contracted with our local diver (Catfish) to give me a scrub and assess things. I expect it will be a month or so before he gets to it. I'll let you know how that goes.. Since we are in the same waters in Cypress Landing, this should tell the tale..
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