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Yacht sale prices

Is there a website or reference source, other than calling individual brokers, of how much a particular yacht was actually sold for (the purchase price)?

Something like Zillow for boats, where you can view number of days listed, and the purchase history of a particular property.

As I perform research on my next boat, I am curious about resale value and regional sales prices.


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I think they use a NADA/Blue Book type service but you have to be a broker or surveyor to subscribe to it.
Try your local bank loan officer and see if they will give you the sales information.

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Mr. A. There is a product called Sold Boats I believe but as you guessed, only available to brokers. The "selling prices" have been submitted by brokers BUT one never knows if they have inflated these prices to make themselves look good...
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As others have noted, the Soldboats division of Yachtworld maintains actual sales prices of all boats listed and sold through Yachtworld. But it is only available to brokers who subscribe. Yes, sometimes the info is inflated, but usually only on used boats for which the listing broker is also a new boat dealer.

Forget NADA, Blue Book or bank officers. They don't have a clue for real yachts, at best only for trailerable outboards. The bank might look at the surveyor's assessed value which is also based on Soldboats that the surveyor also subscribes to.

First I would enourage you to develop a relationship with a broker who would then act as your "buyers broker". That would be the best way to get the information you are looking for. But it is only really useful for when you are ready to make an offer and it doesn't sound like you are.

So if you are just looking and want to compare values, look at the list price and deduct approximately 10% for budgeting purposes. In very general terms boats sell for about 10% less than listing prices. Sure there are wider variations than that and listing prices often get reduced along the way. But 10% is the norm.

If you really are ready to make an offer on a boat and you don't have a buyers broker, then ask the listing broker to run the Soldboats data for you. Any broker that won't do that doesn't deserve your business.

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As mentioned already - NADA, Blue Book etc are really a worthless guide on larger boats and just about any bot over 10 years old.
For a while I had access to sold boats data and there are problems just taking any gallery list of years/prices from that as well. Without searching the real condition of the boat and the exact details of the sale it was very misleading at times. If the listing had a very accurate description and dozens of detailed photos that you could research it could be of some help - but just getting a price and date will often leave you with a poor feeling for real prices.
Unless / until you set foot on half a dozen boats that interest you and compare what you see to both the listing and eventual sale price using summary averages will tend to mislead.
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Surveyors and many yacht insurance brokers subscribe to as well. If you have a relationship with either one or both, and if you do not develop one, contact them for comps.

As to the inflated price issue which is far more rare than internet rumors claim are easy to see when looking at a list of comps. Might be a chore if you try comping a home built or low production number boat.

It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they've been fooled - Mark Twain
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If you are using a buyer's broker they can send you sold boat data.

SPOT page
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There are no guide books as there is not enough volume to get an accurate idea of resale values. NADA and BUC may work for trailer size boats lees than five years old.

I can talk about resale in general. The older the boat the flatter the depreciation curve and the higher the maintenance curve.

Improvements can increase the value of a used boast but there is no set percentage, it will depend on what is done and how much was spent on it. New rugs, new cosmetics may look good but not make a difference. Improvements that simply fix something that is broken does little to increase value but will shorten sale time.

Regional difference are much more pronounced. Fresh water boats that are located in northern areas with a short season and week sunlight have the highest value. Northern salt water boats are next. Florida boats, used year round, and subject to tropical sun have the lowest in the US. Boats that are unusual for their market area may be good for a buyer such as a trawler on a lake or river.

Tucker Fallon CPYB
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