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Volvo Penta Diesels

7/18/18 Looking to purchase 2001 Sea Sport Cat Boat 32' with twin Volvo Diesel Stearn Drive Engines with 1300 hours on each engine.The engine model # is KAD44DC. I believe these are electronic engines? I plan to have a Boat Survey done as well as an Diesel Engine Survey.

Looking for anyone with experience with these partiular engines or someone who can suggest what source to use relative to reliability as well as an opinion as to obtaining service and parts?

The boat has been used in/near Mystic Conneticut being put on the hard most of the year. My plans are to use it on the South IntraCoastal as well as trips to the Abacos. I will moor the boat on a Lift on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina six months of the year making a few off shore bottom fishing trips.

I really like the boat but have concern as to the engines?

Lucky Duck
Ocracoke island

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Welcome aboard y'all.

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TF Site Team
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First welcome aboard. I had a boat with twin Volvo duo prop gas stern drives in the late 90s. Parts back then were hard to get out of Volvo. Don’t know if it has changed since then since I won’t own another because it was such a bad experience. I worked part time for the dealer selling boats so they would even pull parts from a new boat when we could not get parts. However most customers did not have that option. I would find a Volvo dealer nearby to where you are going to use the boat and pick their brain about parts availability.
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Hi hwclark,

You are probably talking about the KAD44P-EDC electronic engine with 290 DPE sterndrive. My 1998 26-footer had one of the earliest of those. Sold it after 18 summers of cruising with 6,502 hours.

Fine engine if set up properly, run reasonably, and maintained. If it has been over-propped, that is cannot reach 3850-3950 RPM with tach calibrated accurately and a full load, could have excessive wear. Run at planing cruise no higher than 90% of WOT RPM, better no higher than 80%. Can also run at slow cruise of 1300-1400 RPM no problem. Make sure the belts are kept correctly tight, not squealing. If belt tension adjustment is done using hex keys, replace the tensioning mechanism with the newer setup using torque wrench.

Take very good care of the sterndrive and it will last. I had mine opened up and checked out by a real pro roughly every 1500 hours.
Richard Cook
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You might consider joining and perusing the posts there. I have received great knowledge from those folks for the money.

I had a Volvo Penta Diesel engine and drive on my last boat. I concur regarding other's comments about having access to a GOOD technician and parts supply before pulling the trigger. Mine was a different model, but it was very efficient and not a headache to maintain. Parts are spendy.

Best Wishes
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Moved thread from How To Use The Forum, Site News & Account Concerns to Power Systems.
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People are generally in one of two camps when it comes to green engines and not a lot middle ground. Another good resource is Hull Truth. There are lots of Volvo stern drive owners on there. But beware, there is also a lot of drama on that site.
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A couple of sites worth checking out for Volvo parts are or
I've used and found them excellent, remember that Volvo do NOT make filters so shop around for much cheaper prices.
I hope this helps someone.
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humming the Jeopardy theme song....

4 things there will never be a concensus on....

What is abortion, capital punishment, anchors and Volvo, Alex ?

Welcome aboard Lucky Duck. This tends to be kind of a hot button topic and creates very interesting threads. As a non-Volvo owning spectator I am guessing you'll get answers ranging from people who really like their Volvo's to people who wouldn't take a boat for free if it had Volvo's in it.

Good luck.
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After owning a boat with VOLVO diesels for 18 years, I too would not take a free boat if it had VOLVOs in them. Engines are good, VOLVO product support,abysmal. There is not one dedicated VOLVO dealer in the U.S. Finding parts for older engines is a problem...along with prices triple that of Cat or Cummins. Buyer beware.

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